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DeMarco does not work for AIW or Firestorm Pro so why is he even being brought up in this discussion?


Because DeMarco is the fat kid Hero again for pulling the swerve on Firestorm to fuck with them, which didnt even work since the show was AWESOME no matter what the haters want to spew, but if you just ask Jimmy in person if he'll ever work for AIW again he'll put over Chandler, Nick, and every single other person who works for AIW from Dave the Potato to Pedro but never seems to say one word positive or negative about John Thorne and totally changes the subject anytime someone brings up the name Thorne to him. Do the math.
The Firestorm Pro show was awesome, made a shitload of money, and had nothing but great matches. Flip, Lyndon, Gory, Shiima etc can work wherever the fuck they want. AIW doesnt have them signed to any contracts and they all probably made way more money at Firestorm than AIW and got to be seen in front of more people not just having smoke blown up their asses about all these huge dvd sales that AIW has. And if AIW is the dvd juggernaut that they claim to be when are they going to start cutting in the boys like Faith In Nothing, Shiima, Facade, Hailey Hatred, Young Studs etc who have been making the shows good? If AIW is raking in the cash on dvds then stop giving out shit pay days and sucking off whichever flavor of the month indy guy who has a few beers with you and makes you seem cool.

Posted on Jan 2, 2010, 1:08 PM

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