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PLAY seems to be out of context yes. I dont hide behind what I do to try to make things good for the guys. Case in point and am not reliving past but if I gave away 100 tickets in Ferry, and yes I had done that, and got the majority of them back it was a lively crowd. I gave the same tickets away, to primarily the same people for Bridgeport and got nill. Its 3 minutes at most from Martins Ferry.
Can not say it enough that this area is not, IS NOT a supportive area for wrestling let alone indy wrestling without million dollar names and a billion dollar company. Talk the shit you want but I have proven that TV, Radio, in studio, posters, and comps get you minimal draws. Dont tell me its the workers, or the ring or what ever. Heard it all before. You dont live here, you dont know the market, dont know the people. Facts people. I wont blow smoke about anything. The DARE program adds to BDW. It shows that we are not some profanity filled, bloody hardcore, adult oriented group. Its lends the credibility that I personally want for BDW!

Your right that I don't know the market or the people but, wouldn't coomom sense dictate that if its not a supportive area for indy wrestling and your not drawing well (at least since the split is D-Dog right?) then you should run in an area that is? I'm not knocking you, it just sounds like your running a charity case prommotion. Which as I said earlier good for you. Its your life if thats what makes you happy, cool!

Posted on Jan 10, 2010, 7:10 PM

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