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Yep and every criminal was railroaded. Show me a convict and I'll show you a convict that says hes innocent. Poor Charles. Fuck that! What about that poor child he was trying to pander his addiction to and from. He didnt get caught with a pic. He got caught trying to transfer that to what he thought was another child. Stand by the sick bastard. Try and turn this into a wrestling related thread. Its wrestling because thats where he hid. Is visitation today so you can go and tell him how his show went? Throw a few bucks on his account so he can draw you a few pictures and send a few words of how hes innocent? You will be outed as a supporter of pedophiles. I say your gramps, uncle maybe older brother twiddled your diddly a few times and you suspect its common and ok. Are you twiddling your childrens didddly too pervert? Castrate the prick. While their at it get in line because condoning his past puts you in the same light. I still see you didnt put your name because you are ashamed to be outed as his friend. We know who his friends are. I woke up in my own bed this morning. Blaze didnt did he? LMFAO. I will go shopping today, and have dinner when I choose. Blaze wont! Tomorrow I will go out and visit friends, get on the internet, and tell you how your a piece of shit. Blaze wont. I'll be right here pissing you off and reading your propaganda about how your little buddy didnt do anything. Blaze wont will he? Why dont you put your name and be proud bitch? You wont because you are more ashamed to admit it. Pussy. Douche bag. Oh your his friend you know the facts. You know shit. You know one thing though. That you cant stand up and defend your pedophile buddy. Right? Getting under your skin? Good coward boy. Maybe I can help you overcome being a pussy all your life.

Posted on Feb 28, 2010, 10:57 AM

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