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The evening began with Patrick Hayes taking on Mad Mike. The angriest man in wrestling had things well in control until Shirley Doe came out and distracted him. Hayes was able to grab a roll-up with his feet on the ropes and picked up the big win. But this wasn't the biggest win he would get over the course of the evening...

Jon Burton continued his Just Believe Tour as he continues to work his way up the NWA East roster to get a shot at the NWA East Heavyweight Champion Ashton Amherst. This time, it was Criss Crossfire in his path. While Crossfire showed a valiant effort in the contest, JB is on a mission and can not be stopped. He picked up the victory with the Sign-Off.

Shirley Doe came out for his match with Stryder, but was immediately attacked by Mad Mike. Mike laid Doe out with TWO top rope leg drops, and Doe simply crawled back to the locker room while Stryder made his entrance. Chris LeRusso of all people came out and challenged Stryder to a rematch from their last match, in which Stryder came out on top. But this time, it was for a spot in the main event Rankings Rumble 10-way match, which suddenly had a spot open up. Stryder agreed, only for the match to be interrupted by LeRusso's scheduled opponent for the night, Troy Lords! Lords wanted to get revenge on LeRusso for the several attacks LeRusso has done on Lords this year. The three men had a swift back and forth match that saw LeRusso get the win using his spike on Lords while Stryder was out on the floor. As a result, LeRusso entered the Rankings Rumble match later in the evening.

After apparently watching a Best of Harlem Heat DVD, Scottie Gash was inspired this week. He was taken over by the spirit of Booker T as he teamed with his NWA North American Tag Team Championship partner Brandon K. The duo took on two randomly chosen contenders, Chris Taylor & Jason Cage. Teaming for the first time ever, Cage & Taylor meshed well and presented themselves as a major challenge for the champions. But in the end, Gash hit the Gash2Sleep for the victory to retain the titles. After the match, the Hansen Brothers attacked Gash & K and challenged them to a match for the titles at Burgh Brawl 14 on April 10th! Jon Burton made the save, and Crusher Hansen gave Burton his next step in the NWA East roster in the form of 6'5" 300+ lb. Tony Hansen on March 20th... with Crusher himself as the referee! It was also announced Brandon K will take on James Ross on April 10th, and if K loses he will be forced to join Team Mega!

"Snapshot" CJ Sensation and "The Greatest American Villain" Dash Bennett were finally ready to end their war... in a brutal I Quit Match. Bennett immediately attacked Sensation's knee, ravaging it with steel chairs and brass knuckles and submission holds. But Sensation refused to give up, even telling Dash he'd have to cut off his knee before he'd submit! He battled back and was almost stopped by Stacy Hunter's attempt at a sign shot before obliterating her with the sign himself. He tied Dash up in the ropes, threatening to destroy him with a steel chair. Not willing to take the punishment, Bennett quit.... but Sensation hit him anyways! Several members of the locker room had to help Bennett to the back.

After intermission, the Hansen Brothers took on the new team of Piston Wiley & Blue Dragon. Piston was a completely different person out of the referee stripes, sporting a festive purple & yellow motif and a much wilder persona. Crusher Hansen once again insisted on refereeing the match, and the team was joined by Camp Crusher Security member Joe Integra at ringside, who hasn't been seen in some time. The veteran Crusher and his "little" brother Tony controlled the match, with Crusher refereeing the match as well as competing in it. While Dragon & Piston brought the fight to the Hansens, Tony & Crusher got the victory with a 3D and a little help from a fast count by Crusher. After the match, Joe Integra jumped in the ring to join in on an attack on Piston & Dragon. Integra announced that with no Championship Committee to refuse him, he'll be making his NWA East debut, teaming with Crusher against Dragon & Piston on March 20th!

Shirley Doe interrupted things and called out Mad Mike. Instead, he was met by NWA East newcomer Plato Meramec. Doe was convinced it was Mad Mike, even though the youngster insisted he was Plato, who Doe even trained during his days as a wrestling school instructor. But Doe attacked him anyways, beating him down around the ring. Plato attempted to fight back, but was no match for his teacher. Doe laid a beating on Plato around the ring, but was ignorant of the 10 count and tossed Plato in before going in the ring himself, losing the match by count-out! Doe attacked Plato after the match, giving him the Sillyhead and making referee PJ Parker count a three count even though Doe lost via count-out. After Doe left, Criss Crossfire came out to help Plato to the back.

The NWA East Tag Team Championship was up for grabs as the champions Golden Reign defended against JB Destiny and his partner. While the champs and their manager Benjamin C. Steele insisted the Circle of Respect entrant had no partner, indeed he did... in the form of his 987 partner BIG POPPA GATOR! "The One Man Party" reunited with JB to challenge the champs. It became a game of numbers, however, as the champs had Joe Integra & Benjamin C. Steele at ringside with them, and used it to their advantage (as well as a handful of powder) to pick up the victory and retain the titles against two Circle of Respect members.

Next up was the battle of pride between NWA East Heavyweight Champion Ashton Amherst and NWA East Three Rivers Champion Ryan Mitchell. With no gold on the line, no managers or teammates at ringside, the two men tore the house down in an incredible no disqualification match. Both men gave each other all they had, hitting all their favorite moves and pulling out all the stops. With the crowd firmly behind him, the "Steel City Prodigy" was able to put away the heavyweight champion Amherst with a Steel Curtain DDT onto a pile of chairs! Ryan Mitchell finally proved he could defeat Ashton Amherst one-on-one, and walked out with his head held high.

The main event of the evening would determine the challengers to all the singles titles in NWA East for Burgh Brawl 14 in the first ever Rankings Rumble Match. The entrants were Brandon K, CJ Sensation, Chris Taylor, Mad Mike, Shirley Doe, Chris LeRusso, Patrick Hayes, James Ross, Jason Cage, & Dash Bennett. Bennett, however, was deemed unable to compete after his match with CJ by the backstage medical staff. The action was fast & furious as Mike & Doe brawled out of the ring, eliminatng themselves. The final three men in the match all won title shots at Burgh Brawl. Chris Taylor was the 2nd runner up and will face Brass Knuckles Champion Devin Devine on April 10th. The final two men were CJ Sensation and Patrick Hayes. Hayes defeated Sensation with a frog splash, and will face his Team Mega partner on April 10th (giving Sensation a match with Three Rivers Champion Ryan Mitchell) for the Heavyweight Title! Ashton Amherst was pleased with the news at first, thinking Hayes would just give up the title shot... but Hayes refused, promising to give his partner the fight of his life! James Ross attempted to mediate the meeting, but is Team Mega ready to explode?!

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