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"A. I know for a fact it's a work."

-What you think you know should stay to yourself especially if you are a WORKER. I'm pretty sure you are one of the disrespectful workers lamont was talking about from AIW so you are pissed.

"B. That promo was garbage. If you need to swear to cut a compelling promo, then you can't cut a promo."

I agree...if it was set up as a PROMO. But it was formatted as a SHOOT, which means the only criteria needed is EMOTION.(I taught him that)

C. The angle is stupid. Nobody is going to buy a ticket to see Lamont, a guy who has done nothing, vs. AIW. Further more, Lamont should probably cut a promo on every promotion in Ohio if this were real (which it's not), because he can't get booked anywhere. In fact, actually getting booked, then unbooked, would be the closest thing he's got to actually working a show in a long time, unless you consider any below average show he has ran himself.

"There have been numerous people on this thread that have become interested with this situation and may only NOW be coming to the show. You obviously are a young guy who knows nothing about the mic skills of lamont or a bitter fart who holds a grudge for no reason. Lamont has helped and made many workers become better and respects this the business the way we all should.

Lamont is like 6'2" and 220lbs and probably could actually make it in this business. He admits he hasn't really tried like he should because of his dedication to his shows and training center. As a good friend of lamont, I advise you to SHUT YOUR FUCKING mouth for a second and learn something".


Posted on Mar 12, 2010, 10:15 AM

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