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So say forget Saturday, how about the other shows? The garage buidling, Lawson studio, Rockbridge.
Same admission, Same entertainment, same guys, Were those all benefit shows? Who saw the money from there? I assure you, It wasn't the workers. It wasn't the guys that were doing the work to entertain and bring in those fans.
How can you honestly spray that garbage from your face and believe it to be true? "HORRIBLE Economic times, Have a heart, love this business. Blah. Whatever"

I am by no means in this business to make a living in today's world. But not many of us are, at this point. I get it. But I certainly understand how to do business respectfully. What you have done with the XWE in the past was not business. It was your little playground to feel important. If you really, honestly respect and love the "business" you claim to be a part of, and still think your actions are correct, you are not really "In the business". You are simply a Mark for yourself, and have no respect for anyone that paved the road for your "success".

Your not an awful wrestler, just an awful worker. Get it?

Posted on Mar 17, 2010, 6:08 AM

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