Thoughts on the Show

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- Overall, an excellent showing from the TOP promotion in the tri-state area.

- All of the ringside seats were filled as were most of the bleachers, I'd say 200 in attendance.

- Commentators for Smartmark Video were Vanceboy, Fattawn and Mr. Christian.

- Show started ON TIME (!!!) with Adam Montgomery doing the basic pre-show fare.

- Montgomery was on last night and showed why he is in IWA: EC to stay. Probably the best I've seen him.

- Once again, Drew Taylor was the only referee on the show. Drew always does great work and never seems to have a problem going bell to bell.

- The Gory/Facade/Viper/Day/Bulldozer/Murder Junkies segment to start the show didn't seem to make very much sense. I would've had Gory/Facade vs. The Day Brothers.

- Zac Vincent/Frightmare was a fun high flying match. Zac continually proves why he is one of the top high fliers in the tri-state.

- Bull Pain/Elkview Adam was exactly what everybody expected it would be. Adam took quite a beating but hung in there. Bull Pain is always a fan favorite in IWA.

- Nasty/Phillips vs. Osirian Portal was a fun match. Interesting mix of styles with the crowd really liking the Portal. I'm sure they will be back.

- The crowd was completely surprised by the appearance of Chris Hero. Match wasn't quite as good as I would've hoped, but still solid. Great to see Hero back!

- Intermission had Smartmark Video, J.C. Bailey, Facade, The Osirian Portal, Frightmare, Sami Callihan, Thumbtack Jack and Mr. Darkstorm selling gimmicks. Lots of people buying stuff over at the tables.

- Omega/Kincaid was a decent match aside from one blown spot by Omega. Glad to see him back in IWA. I think a Kincaid/Murder Junkies vs. Omega/Nasty/Phillips match will happen at the next show.

- Thumbtack Jack/Sami Callihan was the best match on the show. With Jack mostly being known for death matches, his work in this match surprised me. Very strong style match with the crowd really behind Jack.

- J.C. Bailey/Pondo was decent. Bailey bled like a stuffed pig. Lots of cool spots in the match.

- Sullivan/Necro was exactly what would expect. It was a wild brawl that went all over the building. Crowd was surprisingly behind Necro.

- Next Date: Wednesday, May 12 in Nitro, WV. Roderick Strong vs. Chris Hero for the IWA:EC Heavyweight Title, The debut of Balls Mahoney and the return of the Irish Airborne.

Posted on Mar 18, 2010, 1:08 PM

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