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Here it goes! Bigtime Bill Collier and XTC started a fed in Johnstown known then as "JWA" (Johnstown Wresstling Alliance) They both had a very reasonable amount of training through the "APWF" based out of Indiana,Pa. that was run by Bubba Brewer and Kato had a hand and Diamond Troy Justice!
This was around the time that Bigtime was getting close to his push so the company had some faith in his abilities as a wrestler! If anybody remembers the time that "APWF" brought in "Abyss" and "Blue meanie" at the same show around march or april of 07? The "JWA" was well established by then because 80% of the "JWA" roster would attend Bills shows to help give him that respect because he is a talented wrestler! However, the "JWA" roster got a little out of hand at a couple of these events and would pick and choose how to react to certain wrestlers like Calvin Mcgrath, Diamond Troy Justice (got his name like that b/c the "JWA" roster thought he resembled "Diamond Dallas Paige"! and he ate it up!
The first "JWA" show was on Dec. 23rd 2006 and they had shows every other sunday in abandoned church in Hornerstown (section of Johnstown near Dale) for free! Donations were accepted and concessions were available and the place would be packed! (around 170 to 210 people!)
The "JWA" was a more "Stiffer" type of wrestling with alot of the training that was taught to them through Bill Collier, XTC, Chris Coleman, along with assistance from G-raver, Fred Flash, Mangus, and Sam Hayne! Say what you want about that combination of trainers however, there it is!
The reason why that it is important to know that is b/c Bill was worried at any given time that he would be found out by Bubba or Kato or Troy that he was running a side project while affiliated with the "APWF" and was worried about being "Blacklisted" by them! the "JWAs" antics at shows pissed Bill off b/c they (Bubba and Troy) heard whispers about a fed in Johnstown and had conversations with Bill about such which were denied! and that is known b/c Bill would bring all imformation back from the "APWF" straight to the "JWA"
Now as to the antics at the shows if anybody remembers when fights broke out at the "APWF" show at the end of their run at that rodeo place in Indiana then you know why the "JWA" began its desent! Bill had no other choice but to shut down operations in Johnstown!
When "JWA" ended in may of 07 after 8 shows in 6 months the "JWA" roster contacted Bubba Brewer and Troy Justice about possibly helping them and polishing their knowledge of what they were taught through their trainers in "JWA". "Natas" got a wrestling ring and "Big Daddy Zilla" got a license (the same two from the original DCW were formerly "Natas" and "Big daddy Zilla" of the "JWA"!) and they hooked up with Troy Justice and put the DCW together! They invited some of the "JWA" roster for training and some went and some refused! but in the end Troy weeded out individuals and filtered in "His Guys"! This drew anomosity with the "JWA" roster and they started a company known today as "AON" (All or Nothing Wrestling) in may of 08.
The "AON" still uses to this day knowledge gained from the "JWA" trainers and Instruction Videos and Reading materials as well as learning from Frank Savage for a bit from "SWF" out of North Carolina!
Somehow through hard work and belief the "AON" got noticed by "Snap Fittness" (who also sponsors Boxing in Johnstown and Ironwill Fighting...MMA) and got to know the "AON" roster and loved what they do inring and show wise enough to help out and get radion, televison, more sponsors and other venues and soon other talent for the future!
Why is that important to know? well b/c at this time DCW runs with Diamond Troy Justice and Kato with Bill Collier as their Champion and XTC (Brittany Force now) as their US champion and that is a valuable asset to their company! The same two that wrestle for "PWR" (Pro Wrestling Rampage in Erie), Viper Pro Wrestling in Michigan, wrestled for Pro Wrestling Entertainment in southeast Pa. and so on and so on! While at this time that it may not be as detrimental for Bill or XTC because of other work it is crucial to Troy that he keeps his company afloat! Kato has other ventures as well that most likely keeps him from really not caring about the "AON" and is just a victim of circumstance! with KCW gone from Altoona that gives opportunity for another company to work there and to DCW who runs out of Hastings, Pa. and Harmony, Pa. I'm sure that they would like a piece of the pie sort of speak and I'm sure Bill and XTC would love to wrestle in their hometown of Johnstown once and awhile! (They were advertised on tv the last time they were in Johnstown!)
The "AON" roster is unprofessional on the IndyMessage board (which I would like to apologize for right now!) The "AON" roster would like to go on about their business and just entertain the fans with their style of wrestling and if people enjoy that than who is to judge?
I dont expect the back and forth to stop b/c it is what keeps some people satisfied throughout their day! I just wanted to get the story out there!
Bill and XTC and the "JWA" trainers involed all deny to this day that they were ever trainers of "JWA" or had any real affiliation with any member involved! However there is Video proof of these shows 1-8! (just for the record) and if you watch close enough almost all the "AON" have gear of some sort! certain characters do need some work however if u understand what is going on like "The RedRiver Rebels" or "The DarkDay Saints" then you see that its not that there is no effort in the characters however it is "real" work put into a certain realistic look!
So to answer your question as to why there is such anomosity between "AON","DCW",and "KCW" that is some of it! come to your own conclussions and let the chips fall where they may!
I hope that was professional enough for you!

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