Corey, give it up

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I know that you did not take any money from the center.

I know you did 90percent of the advertising.

Anyone who knows anything knows this.

These haters are on here because the "old School" crap went down that night. They know it. They just do not want to admit that a great show can be run by someone who looks out for the fan, not the "workers".

I have even seen posts on here that had to be from Paul Harley. Come on, he reported you for not having a license or a permit, but he ran without one himself. I know for a fact that he wanted to be exclusive to the center, and was mad that they would not do it. He would not follow the rules of renting the building. The ones on here have no reason to be putting you down.

You have redeamed yourself with most of the people who mean anything. F%$k the rest.

You know who I am, You did me wrong, and I heald it against you for a long time. Because I thought that you would not change. But you showed that you did. Like I told you after that night, stay this way, and you will be okay. Do not go back to the way you were, and forget these f&*_#+%s that just want to cry moan and complain.

Your show did a lot to help the center. I was talking to them just saturday at the concert. between your money and the concessions you brought in almost as much as the big concert that was held saturday.

Hold your head up high, walk tall, and forget the David Lanning's, Paul Harley's and others.

Posted on Mar 23, 2010, 1:11 PM

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