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Hey dumbasses! Yeah, Payne and Beverly. Free speech is a wonderful thing but it has rules, same as anything else. Wear a Cop uniform and see what happens. Wear a military uniform with all the patches. That's a no no. Freedom of speech isn't so free. Sure you can say anything you want, but, certain things can land you in jail. Threaten the President and see what happens. Tell someone you are going to kick their ass and you could wind up in court. While you are there, wear a t-shirt that says Lawyers Suck and see what happens. You have every right to wear that t-shirt, but is it a wise thing to do?

Rules here say you can't bitch about people posting anonymously. You may not like it, but it's one of the great things about this board. Once you get past the ego's you will eventually find the truth of any matter being discussed. Case in point: Mr Payne. You are a truly sad and pathetic person, You did nothing to garner any kind of respect for this business, by being improperly trained. Now after just a few dozen shows, you are "retiring". I got news for you, you can't retire from something that wasn't your job. You are quitting. I don't care what your reasons are, you not being in the ring or a part of this business is the smartest thing you have done in the past 3 years. now get the fuck off the internet retard, and leave my sport alone.

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