Re: The way it should be

by A mark (no login)


because for the past 2 years we have heard how he is the best big man on the indys and how he had a long career ahead of him, countering everyones post's about how he sucks, with how good he is and will because, about all his passion for the sport..blah blah, fuck that.. more prof he is a mark bitch

How dumb can you be? Everyone in the world is a mark! Doesn't matter if your a wrestler, actor, comedian, and ect.... Every mark starts out some where. I highly doubt you started in wwe. As for all the comments about fat ass marks. You seem to be forgetting one thing, marks hold a hell of a lot more power than most think. Us "marks" give you your pay checks. If all marks would stop supporting wrestling I like to see how many wrestlers would be getting bookings for a show. Yes wrestlers bring there talent but we keep shit going. CP is a damn good wrestler. Thats my opinion, which opinions are like ass holes everyone got one and they tend to stink. Get over yourself and your ego!

Posted on Apr 12, 2010, 12:02 AM

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