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I kind of agree about this. Wrestlers should have to carry some type of license. This will help with blood testing for diseases and a bunch of other issues. Wrestlers should have to get a full physical. Wrestlers will complain they aren't making good money so why should they bother. Well if you take your craft seriously you will make the investment. Think of it the same as investing in wrestling gear. This may not necessarily weed out 'yarders as they would be able to pay for a license all the same but at least it helps give promoters to know who's legal and who's not. The issue with 'yarders and stuff is that everyone's opinion on training is different. I personally don't think the guys in the FOPW know their stuff in the ring and think their training is suspect just based off the work I've seen them do. I really don't think there's too many schools that have the new guys leaving with a sense of how to work. So you really can't enforce that but just getting the guys tested and stuff would satisfy in my opinion. Again, if yarders want to put on a show and they do it the right way, who cares. If they are outdrawing you and your traditional show it just shows you don't have your finger on the pulse of what the public wants and its up to you to find out what you have to change to get those people in your show. Simply shutting them down isn't necessarily going to bring that crowd to your show. In fact, if public word got out that you shut them down, you may lose fans because they will resent a "tattle tale" and think that was so petty. So quit being jealous and find out what it takes to get people through your doors.

Posted on Apr 25, 2010, 12:01 PM

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