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I can speak for not only myself, but for Nikita and FOPW founder Mike McGowen that we are not narcing on anyone!! The FOPW was the vision of Mike to bring places, workers together no different then any web forum but to have a voice of one given input and ideas of the many. To say NARC is utter bullshit!! I dont have another promotion near me for... let me think.... better then 50 miles so who in the hell am I going to NARC on? Mike works for me, yes, but is based in PA so what in the hell is he going to NARC on or for? Nikita is in the Cincinnati area and same deal. The three of us stand to gain nothing and hell lose nothing either way. Lose the opportunity to entertain fans in Ohio because some jack off in an office has his hand in my damn pocket and does NOTHING for the money I give, wait, HE TAKES!!!!!
Just as any board meeting, not pertaining to the OAC, where you have the crowd all bitching at once nothing gets accomplished. The idea of an organization willing to take the time and effort, hell ONE GUY, is more then one would expect. I guy that stood to lose NOTHING, gain NOTHING, promotes NOTHING takes the time to drive 3+ hours and attend a meeting that in all reality dont mean shit to him says something. I personally could careless anymore. We want to better things but evidently to many egos and better then thou people cant reason and come together. I look out my office window and see good ol' West Virginia and while the state of Ohio sticks it to everyone in the state I can walk across a bridge and run without any interference from some acting body of incompetent representatives that want paid to fuck you and not give the courtesy of a goad damn reach around!

------ That came from a status and follow ups of a few that were speaking on the topic of the OAC.

Posted on Apr 26, 2010, 9:38 PM

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