Come on Tommy...

by The informer (no login)


For REAL??? Why would you even think Rich??? You all know Rich hasn't even been around for a long time. Also, I said I was or AM your friend. I just can't believe you're leading this attack on me. Why are you even on here when Feelbad and Erin tell you not to read this stuff??? I do, however feel that our friendship may be harmed when I do reveal myself to you. I hope that you will work for us as well. You KNOW me man... I would NEVER directly do anything that would hurt you or your career anyway. The mole and I are soooo close that I can't let you in yet. But I will. And I promise you that when we do, we all will be happy. I will work with feelbad, I'll let him jerk the curtain on our shows, i just NEED you to understand how much of a snake he really is. Do you even know how many of us he talks shit on you to? can you fathom it? See ya soon

Posted on Apr 28, 2010, 7:43 PM

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