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Super Indy IX Results
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Johnny Gargano d. Logan Shulo

Colin DeLaney d. Justin Idol and Eric Lee Schwab. Schwab threatened to sue IWC if he wasn't in the match. Idol refused to fight Schwab throughout.

Shiima Xion d. Lince Dorado

Frightmare d. Louis Lyndon

Azrieal d. Super Hentai. A man in a black mask came out and pushed Hentai off the top rope, causing a count out.

Prince Mustafa Ali d. Flip Kendrick

Jason Gory and Facade d. Irish Airborne to become the new IWC Tag Team Champions.

Shiima Xion d. Frightmare

Azrieal d. Colin DeLaney

Johnny Gargano d. Prince Mustafa Ali

Larry Sweeney promo. If this is any indication, the old Sweeney is back. He calls out Jimmy DeMarco to thank him, but John McChesney comes out instead. They start shoving each other and DeMarco runs out to make the save, leading to...

John McChesney d. Jimmy DeMarco by disqualification. McChesney tried to use brass knuckles but DeMarco hit an ace crusher. DeMarco picked up the brass knuckles and the referee saw him, leading to the DQ. McChesney tries a post-match attack but Jon Bolen makes the save. Bolen then turns on DeMarco. Larry Sweeney finally comes out to chase McChesney and Bolen away. Bubba announces that it will be DeMarco/? vs. McChesney/Bolen in a steel cage with Sweeney as the enforcer at Caged Fury. DeMarco asks Chuck Roberts to be his partner. Chuck says that he'll give his answer on July 10th.

Shiima Xion d. Azrieal and Johnny Gargano to become the new Super Indy Champion. After the match, Xion reveals that he cost Hentai his match earlier. They brawl and it's announced that they will have a cage match at Caged Fury.

Chuck Roberts did a 50/50 raffle after the show. He announced a winner, who received around $100. He then announced another winner, which ended up being his girlfriend. After coming into the ring, Chuck proposed! She said yes and it was a beautiful moment. Congratulations Chuck!

All in all, a very good show. Everyone was motivated and this will be something well worth checking out on DVD.

Announced for Clearfield Cataclysm 3:
IWC Tag Team Titles: Jason Gory and Michael Facade (c) vs. Irish Airborne

Announced for Caged Fury:
Jimmy DeMarco and ? vs. John McChesney and Jon Bolen
IWC Super Indy Title: Shiima Xion (c) vs. Super Hentai

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