needs work

by Haterificsoundguy (no login)


it was decent, the promoters need work, (also it was easy too see who was and wasnt trained)i know one of they "maw official crew" i wont name names as he is nameless for the most part..but he is the best they have sadly (very sad) and i know he is getting screwed (or at least thats how i see it, i over heard talks from the guys running the show and it seems like they are useing him and those other no name guys as...hmmm..."punchingbags" further more..they had no real reff, some guy had on an amarican flag vest. the other "so called reff" didnt even come close to looking like a reff, they started vary late(that shit happens) neither "reff" realy knew what they were doing, they had obvious problems with music..i dont think they accualy had an announcer, these are bad points that need work, other than all that lamont kano and seth allen were great(altho there reff was an idiot) all they guys were great and seemed to have fun, well there were the obvious untrained ones who did there best..but they are booking real talent so if they can keep that up i am shure i will see them at the next WWE PPV with flyers for there next show...and i will go to it in hopes that they will get better, sorry for the long rant, just felt some of it needed to be said

Posted on May 15, 2010, 6:08 AM

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