Re: Cleveland/Erie Wrestler Marcus Knight, a backyarder.

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Hey yarder retard. When you post on a public forum your asking for opinions. Do you have any idea what the word envy means? No is the answer. What would anybody be envious about when it comes to you? Please answer that you delusional fuck. Nobody has a clue who you are. Because somebody did the sport of pro wrestling a favor by outing your yarder self they are envious of you? That's what you think? Seriously? They are also envious of you because promoters don't book them, but wait who the fuck books you? Nobody since we do not know who you are.
It is pieces of shit like you that are killing this business. If you want to yard then you stay in the yard. When you turn professional your supposed to put the yarding behind you. But you were trained by the great Shawn Blaze so how would you know that? You can't be taught respect by somebody who has none, and gets none.
You talk about making it to where you at, like you are actually somewhere. You should be thrilled that you got outed on the indy board. Right now is your 15 minutes of fame kid, it's all down here from now on. So keep posting nonsense replies, showing how much of a stupid piece of yarder shit you really are. Keep your name in the headlines for as long as you can, cause it's very doubtful they will ever be in for something good that you did.
You did get one thing correct. Your not a Superstar, your not in TNA or the WWE and never will be.

Posted on Jun 23, 2010, 7:25 PM

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