Re: I.W.A. Red White and Bruised July 1 at The Backstage in Chillicothe, OH!!

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When Bull put the title on him, he had already no showed a promotion where he had a title. I am sure the info made its way to Bull as Onyx and several other workers at promotion he held the title and with him in the IWA. Bull at that point should have talked to him as it was obvious it was only a matter of time before Onyx was given the IWA title when you look at the depth and talent of that roster. And he looks like a believeable beavyweight as opposed to Matt Taylor who is 5'6 and maybe 200 pounds soaking wet (he has actually lost weight since then so he is even smaller now). That should have been enough of a heads up to Bull to get into Onyxs head and see what was going on.

But, on the other hand....Onyx is green and perhaps is listening to the wrong people. BUT, he is also an adult and from what I understand is reasonably intelligent. And should know the difference between right and wrong. Can you imagine Sheamus or Rey not showing up at the next ppv that they were suppose to defend the title just because? Or because they want to bump somewhere else that night???

The amount of time that has elapsed AND the fact that ppl who are in the know about the situation are not talking, Onyx does not have respect for the business and just a guy whose inflated ego is more in charge than his brain and could care less about doing the right thing.

Posted on Jun 30, 2010, 2:11 PM

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