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It's been a while since this message board has been this entertaining I guess since I'm bored I will get sucked in and post a response like you seem to want.I think it's pretty obvious this is just one person with a vendetta towards AIW and that is fine I love the attention. Denver was let go for nothing "Gay" we just decided to part ways he wanted to focus on Beyond Wrestling and we want to focus on AIW it is that simple it was a clean break and the details will be private between our two organizations but it was nothing "Gay",if we are connected to the"gay community" for working with them because of that so be it gay money is still green money just like heterosexual money so it doesn't matter to me.

Everyone on our roster deserves to be there and we constantly keep changing it up to keep a fresh product 9 times out of 10 there usually is a reason we ultimately decide to quit booking someone like no showing for example but in the end it always works out and our crowd,of "55", likes the revolving door of new talent. I don't follow Hybrid,PWO,or Firestorm enough to rip anything off from them to be perfectly honest if I rip anything off it's old ECW tv from like '96-'97. I'm not very concerned with any of the companies in the area they do there thing and we do ours I went to PWO simply because a friend of mine on the show gave me some tickets and I really had nothing else to do so I checked it out,Wally occasionally comes to our shows and I will occasionally go to his same with JT and Traxler I get along with just about every promoter in the area.

You can knock us all you want make up stories and try to claim low draws but the fact of the matter is we have been in business for over 5 years,and none of us have gone broke to support this company it is self sufficient for the most part and we have developed a good business model that works for us and keeps our fans happy. I have no problem playing second fiddle to companies like Chikara and Evolve because they simply have more hype than us and both Mike and Gabe help AIW out and we return the favor to them and it has paid off for a lot of guys we book getting them on top tier independent shows,next month Eric Ryan will be participating in one of the biggest shows of the year The Chikara YOung Lions Cup.

I've never claimed to be a good in ring wrestler but I think I'm a pretty good worker and know what I'm doing I'm def not lost in the ring and know my limitations I've never pursued a booking in my life and I have worked for a lot of great companies like WWE,JCW,IWA EC,CAPW the list goes on but to be honest my only priority is AIW and running a smooth show and showcasing the talent I book. Perfect example is Dave The Potato he is not good,he isn't even much of a ticket seller to disappoint all of you, but he does try hard he knows his limitations and has been training with several different people over the last year and he is over as fuck! He may sell 10 tickets but when 300 people are popping for him at Absolution he is obviously doing something right and I obviously know how to book him.

Keep hating on AIW keep trying to cause problems but to be honest I'm really over the AIW v.s the world shit I know where we stand our roster knows where we stand and I really have no problems with anyone I talk to The local promters and have a decent relationship with all of them Promoters from Hybrid ,CAPW,MCW,PWO,Magnum,CWE and I have even exchanged some emails with JC recently the list goes on and on. Everyone does there own thing if people think we have ripped them off o they ripped us off no one has said anything. I'll quit writing this book for now go one and bash me for 27 more posts and maybe I will respond again.

Posted on Aug 3, 2010, 5:11 PM

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