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`````true. faygos good, but still around. faygo would also not outdraw pepsi, while im guessing ecw 9 years dead would still outdraw tna. if tna does this right and uses some of the the ecw guys like they should, it can only benefit them. if they let hogan and eric handle it and its all forgotten like it never happened, then it will be a huge waste. i guess we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Good point it will be a waste.
To many me for my selves...... --- TOTALLY AGREE

```````````unfortuneately, i agree as well. i hope im wrong, but as long as hogan and bischoff are around i just dont see tna doing what it has the huge potential to do. i say dump hogan, eric and russo and let dreamer and raven be the bookers. dont make tna all ecw, but have at least 2 ecw type matches a show. make all the titles mean something, and have them defended all the time. the tv title was a great start. none of this bullshit of hes the longest global champ, when he defended it once in 3 months shit.

It is going to be the same way as with Vince McMahon ... if he did not create the wrestler, character, angle, or whatever then it is shit! Hogan and Eric are the same way if they did not create the wrestler, character, angle, or whatever then it is shit! The only exception is they will bring WWE castaways in and throw them against the wall and hope and pray something will stick as in a effortless quick fix. Why do you think they keep using all of the shit from WCW and NWO days? Hogan and Eric came up with it so they think it was fucking gold and if they do it again it is still fucking gold.

```````now i have no problem with them using former wwe guys if they are worth using. like rvd and hardy for example. but when they use people like orlando jordon, it looks like he specifically got his job because hes a fomrmer wewe guy, and id guess thats 100% true. that needs to stop.

Nash and Sting together with Sting in red face ... hey we will just call it "The Pack" this time, just like "The Band". Shit ... NWO was beat to death and dieing when they did that shit the first time. It didn't do shit then, it won't do shit now!

`````````usually i agree with this, but i think nash and sting together will be good, because they are both lod school wrestlers that have been around, but are one sthat you know you can still count on. no more of this give scott hall a chance bullshit and pay his drunk ass $3000 an apperaance when the women who draw better get paid shit. if they do a disgrubtled employee angle with nash and sting i can go for that, because i feel they both deserve a spot, cause they have proved they can still go.

For being a short time to put it together and not getting certain people and other obstacles, I think Dreamer did a reasonable job.

```````i think he did a great job. what more else could he have done? a great ecw reunion show, that went over great with the fans, and id guess sold a lot better than a usual tna ppv.

Give him a trial period with the "TNA book" ... can't fuck it up much worse than the rest have. Not saying he is going to work miracles but at least it is a fresh perspective as far as not being burned out as a creative input. It is not like if he completely flops they can't just start over again ... I never see any continuity in TNA anyway ... I have to remind myself from one show to the next who is face, who is heel, who is aligned with who. It is fucking worse than Chinese math on meth!

```````true. hogan and bischoff proved along time ago they cant do it. ratings are still lower than before hogan arrived, so his name value has done nothing but hurt the ratings. bischoff still thinks he has name value, whne his name value is he sucks. i would guess that they were probably against this ecw ppv, and it wa sdixies decision to do it, so hopefully she keeps the balls and makes some more decsions that they dont like, and maybe they will just quit. doubtfull, but we can hope. i read their contrcats expire at the end of the year, and i cant see any recision they would be renewed, so hopefully one way or another they will be gone by 2011.

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