My opinion on schools and rating them

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If you want to be serious in wrestling, and establish yourself as a real pro wrestler and make money you need to go to a school with a legit history, meaning more than one of their students have been signed and made a living off of pro wrestling. That doesn't have to mean signed to WWE, but just became a success. There are places that have good schools if you want to just be an indy wrestler, they exist everywhere. However if you are serious, then you need to go straight to FCW, or Wild Samoans, or somewhere that has a solid track record. There aren't really any places around the Western PA/Eastern OH area that have that though. Many guys have had dark matches or a couple matches in WWE or TNA, which is fine, but if you want that and a better chance at making it you need a legit school, or at least get trained around here and move somewhere that has a more reputable outcome of talent that makes it.

Posted on Aug 27, 2010, 4:08 PM

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