Official Statement, I Guess...

by Nick (no login)

The rumors are true. Last week I gave my notice to John and Chris (Chandler) my intentions to leave AIW. I have been training in Judo/Jiu-Jitsu and MMA for well over a year now. I no longer enjoyed professional wrestling. It took me a long time to finally face that fact. Constantly traveling on the road for my shoot job and training left me with little time for AIW which wasn't fair to John and Chandler. There's no big animosity and we've worked out a lot of issues and they have filled the void left behind. I've pledged my help in certain areas and if they choose to call upon me to use that help we'll find out soon enough. The passion and drive John and Chandler have for AIW is seconded by no one in the Cleveland area. They will make it work to continue to be the best and I urge fans to support them while the final transitions are taking place.

For the most part I tried to keep very quiet about those happenings, I've had temper tantrums and it's all water under the bridge. Our split is healthy on both sides of the fence. You will not be seeing me at any other shows, I simply have lost faith and interest in professional wrestling. There are great guys I have met that I truly enjoy watching and really the only place I can be entertained by professional wrestling is AIW. Overall I cannot stand the product. I've been a fight fan for far too long and if anything trying to play wrestler for 11 years blocked me from being a fighter, something I'm better at than wrestling. I think of myself as a worker who could do certain things and for the most part entertain but I could never put A, B, and C together to be a complete worker. That's fine, I can live with that. I can live with the guys who say I suck and all that. I quit caring long ago and have no ego when it comes to being a worker. However, I take/took great pride in building a show production on my own with no one's help. I also taught myself how to edit DVDs and we at AIW were the first ones in the area to make presentable and professional looking DVDs. I have offered that expertise to Chandler and John when they have questions so that the quality that is expected from AIW stays. I'm confident it will.

Finally we can get down to this nonsense of me being beat up. I won my debut in MMA last Saturday in the 2nd round via Tapout to strikes and keylock submission. With the exception of taking some shots at the beginning of the fight I was completely dominant the entire fight. I simply underestimated my opponent and came out with my hands low as I knew my game plan from the start (which I completed by the way). The guy has very good skill with his hands and he hit me hard. If anyone that thinks MMA is worked, you're more than welcome to come and check out my black eye and fat lip that is purple. So I guess it sucks to the guy who said I was going to get the crap kicked out of me. Sorry, I never was and never will be a pussy. We can leave it at that. The fight is on YouTube but I will be making it private soon as its not smart to have things out there your opponent can study. Look it up, I'm sure the armchair quarterbacks will have something smart to say and that's fine. I don't see anyone else doing it, I'm proven. I've placed in International Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and maintain a winning grappling record. Now in Full Contact I got off my ass put in the time and it paid off. I'm already back to training, I took no time off. Only 5% of indy workers work as hard as I do.

Yuck it up, I'm sure I'm going to see a bunch of posts making fun but again I don't care. I'm not interested in your pussy words, I only respond to action. If you're better come find me and prove it. I just felt the need to make a statement and gloat a little bit. Since I'm not wrestling anymore I probably won't be posting. I may throw an anonymous jab at someone, everyone does. However, in 2 months I'll be so out of touch with this shit it won't matter and nothing would even make sense.

I'm sure you've enjoyed this, I kind of did.

Support the new direction AIW is headed and if you want, pay attention to my new journey. I will be around doing it for a long time. I've never felt better in my life.

Later gays (and if we were cool Dudes)


Posted on Sep 8, 2010, 9:30 PM

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