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Here are my picks for this show:

*NWA East Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match
Champion Ashton Amherst defends against Dash Bennett & Chris Taylor
-Amherst being that even though most think since he wrestles twice he will lose I remind everyone he has MEGA while Dash only has Stacy (who Frost nailed last show) and Taylor has no one.

*NWA North American Tag Team Championship - Tag Team Match
Champions Team MEGA (Ross/Amherst) vs CJ Sensation & Stryder
-MEGA obviously

*NWA East "216" Championship - Submission Match
Champion Lou Marconi vs Ryan Mitchell
-Gee I don't know on this one, it's tough....ok I lie Ryan Mitchell to bring back the "3 Rivers Title" thus adding to his stupid "Steel City Prodigy" moniker

*NWA East Brass Knuckles Championship - Burton Needs A 100 Count To Win By Pinfall
Champion Jason Cage vs Jon Burton
-Burton. He needs a 100 count to win via pinfall (specifically stated on the website) so thus Burton will win via submission. My guess is that JB will use the STFU for his submission

*NWA East Tag Team Championship - Tag Team Match
Champions Mon Valley Monsters (Beast/Gator) vs Golden Reign (Williams/Reign)
-My pick here will be Golden Reign. Monsters have had it way to long and, again, the numbers are on the side of GR here

*Dog Collar Match
Shirley Doe vs Mad Mike
-I want to say Doe to continue this feud further but I will say Mike because I think the feud is ending here

*#1 Contenders Match for the NWA East Tag Titles - Tag Team Match
The Uprising (Graham/Dahmer) vs JB Destiny & Paul Atlas
-I actually don't know who to go with here because Atlas/Destiny would make sense to face the tag champs (since MVM are kind of tweener and GR are heel) but I would say Uprising because it seems like they are getting some sort of a push for gold, which I can't say I dislike compared to teams like Atlas/Destiny and MVM.

The inductions will probably be interrupted by someone. I would guess marconi's gets interrupted by mitchell to start their match and scott venom's will probably just be a regular inducction unless they decided to go back to Graham's "challeneg all the big names in PWX history", plus he already had a run in with Venom once which would make sense here.

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