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by T.C. Reynolds (no login)


Very seldom do I come on this board . Why ? Because of all this type of bullshit . I've worked for Paul Harley many times and I've always got paid . Those of you who know me can verify that I don't work cheap . My better wrestling days are behind me . I know that . Paul Harley is a good person and has a wonderful family that have always treated me very well . I have to agree with Bull Miller ( Another good guy ) . If you don't like the product Paul has then don't work his shows . Paul , Bull and I are old-school . We have the balls to post are name . Those of you who don't post your name should show up at one of Pauls shows . If I'm booked on that show I would love to get some of you in the ring for some training and perhaps show you the sugar hold . Of course you probably wouldn't show up . You don't even have the balls to post your name on this board , so why would you show up ? Alot of people on this board really need to grow up . By the way , yes I am a knock-off Doink .

Posted on Nov 7, 2010, 8:42 AM

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