All y'all fake ass faggots need shot on

by MMA 4 Life (no login)


All you fake rasslers like to talk shit about shooting on this guy and shooting on that guy. It must take a real tough guy to hit someone for real in a fake fight. You all act like your bad ass shooters, but guess what, pussies? In a real fight the guy you're shooting on shoots back.

If you want to shoot on someone don't do a cheap shot in fake ass fight that looks like two faggots going gymnastics, get in the cage with a real man who's gonna fight back and see if you're really such a bad mother fucker.

All the phony rasslin tough guys should have to get in the cage with a professional MMA fighter. Once you get your ass kicked you won't be bragging anymore about getting stiff with some green kid who didn't know what he was doing anyway.

If you wanna shoot, than be a shooter, but if not than shut the fuck up and work your fake ass matches in front of the ten or twenty retards who are only there cause they haven't heard of MMA yet.

Posted on Nov 13, 2010, 2:32 PM

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