Re: Top 5 Guys from Ohio in the past 5 years?

by Dusty Dillinger (no login)


I am not arguing the fact that some people deserve it before others. I'm just pointing out that you can do all the work, you can train hard, say your prayers, drink your milk, and take your vitamins, and still not be what "they" are looking for at that moment.
Hell look at D-lo, a truly talented man, looked over time and again, but as soon as Vince decided he wanted to start a black faction, got signed. Now it is a testament to his abilities to stay there as long as he did. Some guys don't last a fraction of that time.
Never would I discount the hard work and sacrifices made by any of these guys, but the sad reality is that unless you are filling some slot that they already have in mind, you can be the best in the world and never taste that success. Alot of guys have been the flavor of the month then disappear back to the indys or the paint store or where ever they were found, but the truly talented ones, the good ones.. they keep their PLACE for a long TIME.

Posted on Dec 2, 2010, 7:00 PM

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