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There were no bad matches on the show, crowd wasn't quiet all night. Absolutely red hot.

- Konley/Miles was MOTN. Miles benefited from being in there with somebody very talented like Caleb, I'm sure he learned a lot.
- Dozer/Compton was kinda bland, but the crowd was definitely into it.
- Rage/Mayhem could've been pretty bad because both are still very green and Rage isn't very good IMO. This was his best match to date.
- AX/Junkies was a fun tag team match, the crowd loved it and AX was great at working the crowd.
- Poffo/Dirk was very fun, the crowd loved Lanny and they always give it to Dirk in Danville.
- Boogie/Allen was a basic comedy match, but Allen did a great job in there and Boogie is still a blast to watch.

ASW 'Legends of Wrestling' was a fun show that had a nice mix of legends, veterans and young up and comers.

Posted on Dec 13, 2010, 5:58 PM

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