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LOL Gargano wrestling twice is a god damn joke. Grow up. That is like Evan Bourne coming out to take care of Batista after wrestling an awesome match with Diggler and beating him........ It would've made more sense for Gargano to come out and give everything he had and put Mercer OVER ....Then the fans would be like "ohhh hey... wow Mercer IS great and BETTER then AIW maybe that is why he was signed...? maybe? hmmm cheer cheer cheer" then have MERCER turn face- kind of proving WHY HE WAS THE ONE WHO GOT THE GOD DAMN DEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE...... Instead of having your fans guessing-(and hoping mind ,you by the posts ) for the mystery opponent to be either Faith , Bane Or Ryker,) But then when they are served a big dish of crap, they deecide "well, lets just go with it.... nothing they do makes sense, so it doesn't matter they have ties with Chikara"............... AIW is NOT above TNA. Jesus christ, I think I should start a god damn promotion - at least it would make sense! Then you idiots say" WELL OUR FANS LIKED IT!?" LOOK AT YOUR GOD DAMN FANS! HALF OF THEM ARE LEGIT SLOW AND 80% OF THEM ARE FRIENDS OF DAVE POTATO! Get over it. I was in the crowd and the reaction people gave when they saw Gargano was confusion and disappointment. It wasn't Epic. It wasn't match of the night. Was not even moment of the night. Gargano went out there and shat two matches that night. Nothing you do ever makes sense. Unless your one of the very FEW people who are in with AIW or a fan of, no one cares? We all know the bullshit you guys pull . The way you treat people. You can shine your shit as much as you want, in the end its still shit.

Posted on Dec 20, 2010, 5:56 PM

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