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No promotion pushes someone to the WWE they will find you, from his own mouth Jeff Cannon will tell you he had nothing to do with TNA, he did however help Ashley with Shimmer and once he did bam she acted like Jeff didnt do anything for her. Jessica is doing what anyone in the indies is doing staying busy, she works all over the eastern US and has also been contacted now for west coast stuff, as well as over seas. She has a home promotion with MCW and she works for many others in Ohio to. Ashley has a good body, fake tits, an ok face and is a sub par wrestler at best, but what she does do well is politic for a spot, but as far as money goes she makes it from going back to Mark Indy promoters NOT TNA, she is the champion and does not make shit!Not that it is her fault but thats just how TNA is. From hearing Jessica in the locker room her and her boyfriend go to the gym 4 days a week, she tans, and has tons of gear and keeps her look fresh. She maybe curvy but could def work in TNA, Shimmer and is already a huge fan fav at WSU. So her time will come and when it does you will have supporters and haters but she will continue to do what she does and thats wrestle. And for the record the pop shot about her doing custom work as in Lady Victoria, Drop Kick Divas, Ring Divas etc... 80% of TNA roster and a TON of WWE girls have all done custom wrestling it kinda goes with being a female wrestler, so thats nothing new!

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