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another talent having a nasty split from AIW? and who is shocked by this raise their hand? they kicked out jc, stole his ring, lost half the roster in the process, fired demarco while he was absolute champ over petty drama, fired dickenson who was their intense champ over petty drama, split with fat drew and beyond after they sucked him off, had fat nick quit and is either getting sued or suing them depending on which story you want to listen to, drama drama drama drama. and people want to hate on kano and say he wasnt a featured player????? but he was good enough to carry duke thorne and fat nick through a feud into absolution last year though right? but hey thorne and chandler know whats trendy since all they do is sit on social network sites 24/7.

The truth about AIW is this: the pay days SUCK, the guys who own it are fat man children who only air beef through facebook and not in person, fans dont care about none of the drama because they are getting to go to a show where they can drink underage dirt cheap and do whatever they want. theres nothing creative or new about the aiw shit either. take the funny shit from chikara, rip off a little Hybrid, the highspots from ROH or DGUSA, and throw in a little ECW and you got AIW.

Posted on Mar 23, 2011, 11:48 AM

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