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by Seth allen (no login)


Queen of the death match?!?!?! Who the fuck cares! Was that a death match?... only to those of us who watched it. Bottom line is that the whole point behind pro wrestling is to make it look shoot, to look like a struggle and a fight. If you get spiked on your head, you are done period. It gets old the way you guys bash feelbad, does he fuck up? sure everyone does. Is he trying to do it right? Yes he is. He is bringing true talent in and we all respect him and dont mind working for him at all.

I just want guys to watch old tapes and figure out what this biz is about. Alot of guys in this area are so caught up on moves that they dont stop and think of why to do a move. I see so many guys hit moves and then pick a guy up off the mat. Why?!? The whole idea is you are trying to win and trying not to lose. So if they are down, cover them. And listen to the crowd. Work the crowd, get them involved. There is too much "i gotta get my shit in" going on. These are things that are drilled into you when properly trained

Posted on Mar 29, 2011, 10:47 AM

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