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everyone of you goofs will order it again next year, and pick it apart.again, cause thats what you do.

You start the show with a hot match. booking 101. your two choices were edge vs del rio or orton vs punk. Orton vs punk is a match that people care about more. so they went with the B team title match.

People have complained that they put Snookie before the main event. Its just like putting a battle royal before the main event. You want to cool the crowd off, and get them ready for the main event. And everyone shitting on Snookie for being there? Vince is smart. Look how much media coverage he got from other outlets. it had its reasons and did its job.

The 8 man did its job. No one cared about it, so everyone went out there and hit there shit, and it ended quickly. I do think the Core should have gone over. I mean they do hold the tag and IC titles. but oh well.

my only complaint was the Lawler Vs Cole match. the reverse decision, and having him face cole in the first place. And I would have liked to see the Rock more involved.

Not the greatest by any means but Wrestlemania 11 and 2000 were the two worst. And 4 was pretty bad too.

Posted on Apr 4, 2011, 11:05 AM

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