Thoughts on RTSI...

by IwC fAnaTiC (no login)


What happened to hentai and idol? it looks like they have been enjoying alot of cheeseburgers-both have muffin tops.
At least Hentai can still go, Idol has really slowed down, alot. I really thought his match with Adam Cole would be MOTH, but fell short.
Greg Iron blew so many spots it was sad.
Adam Cole was very good.
David DiMera looked pretty good but needs to work on his facial expressions. Not hating on you, just constructive criticism.
Tyler Stone advancing to SI X was a big surpriseI thought for sure it would be Flexor.
Adam Flash was very entertaining and very physical-hope to see him back again.
The Runaways were either having an off night or they need to work more on their
product, they seemed off, however Beverly and Valentino looked great and meshed well together.
The Tag Title match was great, MOTN IMO. Very physical and told a great story, Gregory and Vagas are great together. Even though Facade lost a contact and Gory's nose was busted and bleeding, that was an awesome match-I hope IWC's tag division continue to come back to what it was around 2007-8.
Bubba vs Marshall was brutal, I thought for sure Mickey Gambino was going to return and turn heel and feud with Marshall. Bubba was great as usual, getting a TON of heat all night long.
Rickey Reyes reminded me of spike dudley back in the day, Logan beat the piss out of him and he still pulled a pin out of nowhere.
The main was good-good action, good psychology, although predictable that hentai would turn.
Super Indy 10 is totally gonna rock the casbah.

Posted on May 28, 2011, 9:41 AM

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