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theres a green man at aiw? wow original.


there is really nothing original about AIW anymore. The last good show they had was last years Absolution. Everything else has been terribly mediocre since. The last show I went to was the stinker in December where Thornes drunk friend was allowed to run amok through the crowd with no consequence the entire night. On paper the only match that looks to be really good at Absolution 6 is Whitmer/Kingston. Sabu/Facade could either be really good or really bad and thats depending on if Sabu even shows. Everyone saw Shiima winning TPI just like everyone is probably going to see Shiima cashing in the title shot at Absolution because Donst/Gargano has absolutely zero heat behind it. I'm sure there will probably be some shocking returns like Ray Rowe, DeMarco or the newly released Tyrone Evans, or Jrocc if you choose to listen to him. Then John and Chris will come on here and make it seem like it was the greatest event in the history of Cleveland sports but no one will still care. I dont know why people waste their money going to AIW anymore. Then again judging by the draw of TPI I dont think many people are wasting their time or money at AIW any more.

Posted on Jun 13, 2011, 2:46 PM

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