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Hummm I've have watched Quinn he pays everyone. And when I started up threw I didn't get anything while I was In training, thats part of life. Call Sam at FNW ask him what he did down Florida. Ask Sterling how they do it in Japan. Ask Miller what is done In Japan, ask Jim and others what they got at TNA. If money is your concern leave,because wrestling needs to be in your blood. I don't care about the 10,20,25 dollars. I meet some of my best friends at PWX.We love wrestling and we know how hard it is to get to the next level, but this is our chance to do what many can't. I hope Jim, Quinn and JR and our key people if I can help it starts getting rid of the talent that doesn't need to be their. PWX always worked with green guys, I hope after all these years they end that. Go get your shitting matches somewhere else. Then the locker room is down, the best talent.

Posted on Jul 4, 2011, 1:58 PM

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