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what is wrong with indepedent wrestling?
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Well I am glad you asked. There are a few simple reasons why indy wrestling does not work around cleveland anymore.

To start off the promoting is just you know why the wwe doesnt care about the internet?

```````````ok umm how does the we not care about the internet? i watch nothing of the wwe product(i did watch tough enough) and i know that when the wwe loses tv programming for a show, it does not get cancelled like it always did in the past. it now becomes an internet show. so i disagree with that 100%

Because its only 20 percent of wrestling fans.

``````````i also completely disagree with this. in the late 90s when the internet was fairly new this was the same line but then it was only 10% of wrestling fans. i disagreed with that statement then ( i thought it was a lot more) but say they were correct for arguement sake. so in about 12 years or so the internet fans only went up to 20%? do you see how unlogical that sounds? today elementary schoold kids have cell phones that talk, take pics, take video, send texts, have internet, have
a shitloads of apps for about everything imaginable. see where im going here? even though wrestling has declined, the internet has grown by leaps and bounds, so these days if somebody from elementary school children to grandparents want some info they go to the internet for it. on every subject. im not saying that everyone of the wrestling fans out there check out this board daily, or even go over to all the time. but if they want info on a show yes they absolutely do that. on this point you are just so wrong.,

So promoting your shows on this board, in and around the internet is great, but you are only going to reach about 20 percent of the wrestling public. Mostly workers.

`````````normally when i read a post that says this clueless sentence i stop reading and hit delete. but you had a lot of stuff written, so even though i think a good bit of it is completely wrong, i thought id respond, because it was obviosuly something that took some time. now you might not agree with this, but no matter if this was my board or not id feel the same way as im about to say. if you seriously think a board thats been around for over 13 years , that started with only fans posting on it for over a year, is ranked #1 on google as indy message board in one, two, or 3 words, is ranked #3 under indywrestling, #2 is my site and #1 is a site that has been dead since last year, and a site that i have told so many people about over the years,if you think that fans dont actually know about this place than you are one of two things. a fucking complete retard or just one of the many wrestlers that have this paranoid everybodys out to get me attitude, that just assumes that any negative word said is just somebody that has something personal against them. that i think is probably the #1 thing wrong with indy wrestling.

now i obvioulsy dont think your a fucking retard. i can tell you believe what you say, it just makes absoluetly no sense at all, if you think about it from outside of being wrestler. now i know this is probably wasting my time, because people just dont seem to change,or even think about why stuff is the way it is. its always the same problems as you listed, which some may be true, they are not all of the real problems. heres a real post from the board. "who the hell are aftermath and mike rayne and why are they trying to create an angle on the indy board?". my answer is why the fuck not? if you dont know who these guys are then isnt a great way to find out by watching videos of them? seems like a good idea to me? if bad promoting is a main problem then wouldnt be starting an angle online be a good way to give a show a promo so to speak, but waste no actual show time to do it? im going to say yes, since feds everywhere are doing it. plus its free!!!!! indy feds have no money, so taking advantage of free shit to the best of their ability is always a good idea. yeah i agree that doing more than internet is a good idea. like the store windows thing. not so much on car flyering. but if your trying to simply stay alive and you dont have extra money to do much else, then do the internet as much as you can do. what it simply comes down to is nobody knows exactly who is seeing what. i know 20% and mostly workers is completely wrong, but myabe if everybody stopped always complaining and tried acting like what was on the internet was going to be seen by fans (no matter if you beleive it or not) things might actually improve some. it sure couldnt hurt, and is a very easy to do. plug your shows. post results. post youtubes if you have them etc. vety easy to do and like i wa ssaying you never know who might see such stuff.

What happened to the days of flyering every car you see, walking in heavy bar districts handing out your flyers for the show? Hanging flyers in every window of a business that would let you? These are things you dont see anymore, and it has hurt the indy's around here significantly. A parent that has a couple of kids that are before there teenage years isnt checking the internet for wrestling shows, but if there kids hear about it enough, they will want to go, family of five at your show...

```````````a lot of its about money. i do agree with the part about a mother not checking out the net. but what your missing is that kids these days defenetly are on the net, at a super young age. the #1 thing i have seen so many feds do wrong over the years is to simply have their next show scheduled before running their current show. that way everybody at that show already knows when the next show is. there is no need to try and get them back (if you have a quality show) and then you can focus on new people. say check out your website for updates, and thats exactly where a place like this should come in. one of the main purposes of this is so people dont have to go looking for info for shows, which unless your a die hard fan you most likely wont do. so if anybody is not doing this, well then think about how many people you might be losing just from not.

Everyone shit talks everyone. I know this for a fact, as I hear it all the time. Everyone is always out to get everyone. No one wants to work together to build a really strong promotion, like back in the regional days.

Nobody wants to listen to a 25 minute promo.

Nobody wants to see crappy wrestling, its a art form, and it needs to look real. If as a fan, you go to a wrestling show you are not going to watch a "fake" fight. You are going to get out of your mind for a few hours, belive in what your watching, like your at the movies. This is hard to do when it looks hokey, or just plain bad. There are a ton of good workers around here, there should be no excuse for this.

``````this i agree with all of it. thats why i never understand the whole part about that guy is too small, the crowd can beat his ass. as long as hes not doing a rey mystero vs the big show unbeleivable match, then i never understood why it matters if a crowd guy could beat his ass. its wrestling. its not boxing or mma. but i also have seen many feds put heavyweight titles on people that just arent beleivable as heavyweights. thats what a light heavyweight title is for. a great example is adam coyle in czw. hes main eventing shows, is a super great heel, has a great heel manager, and is a light heavyweight champ. he wouldnt be beleivable as the heavyweight champ , but is as just as over being the light, and the title is being put over great and means a lot.

Pay everyone that works for you, enough said. They are busting there ass for you, they deserve something. Not the "name" that you brought in that really only drew you a handful of people. The solid core that you have is what drew there friends and family, witch make up 75 percent of your crowd. Make sure they are taken care of so they do the same job next time around when it comes to promoting YOUR show to everyone THEY know.

```````well these days i think many people would rather have a place to work, than to pay everybody and have the fed go outta business. its easy to say that if you can afford this you shouldnt be around, but in a shitty economy that would elimiante many feds that are good, and you wouldnt want to see go. in better days, when there money being made, its adifferent story. i just cant see that many people really caring that much about a few bucks, unless the promoter is pocketinga bunch of cash. i think its more about being apprecaited, than a few bucks.

If you suck, stop putting your shit on youtube, you are giving the business a bad name.

Make your shows interesting, no one wants to see the same shit every show.

``````agreed. but also when you do put something on the internet and people say it sucks, and why it does, actually think about what they are saying. i delete anything that simply says it sucks without a reason. so many more people should take critisisms to heart. thats where the whole paranoia thing comes in again. that i also think is one of the top problems.

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