My Opinion

by Marshall Logan (no login)


All I have to say is keep the story lines interesting, the swerves amazing, & Chett "The Threat" out of the ring. This here is my reasons.

1. His age

2. WVWA fucked up his training bigger then shit!

3. Even if he worked his ass off he'd still be a anchor on the show.

4. If he has to be on the show. Run him as a manager or a GM/Founder whatever it is.

5. This is a reason to keep him with you. He has a love, Passion & the heart for the business.

P.S TJ, Chett, & "APWA OWNER" (btw I know who it is, but I believe in Kayfabe) Keep on going your product is good, let the haters hate, the buyers buy, & let the Posers go hose themselves (Couldn't think of a rhyme lol)

Posted on Jul 30, 2011, 4:26 PM

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