You game Viper??????????????????

by Scott Powers (no login)


QUOTE:Grown ups provide for their family !!!!!! You are such a piece of shit ,you can be a pussy and hide behind your keyboard all you want but trust me,I will find you sooner or later and when i do i'm gonna make sure you can't even touch a keyboard for a long,long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok poster who has no name i think you have pushed this ol boys buttons to much so i would lay off him.
Btw Viper i have been in your shoes myself and i could have killed the pussy's flames that always posted bad things ABOUT ME .
Most likely You have done more in 1 year than the key board jacker has in his life .

Lets be men here and settle it like men,if you feel you need to belittle Viper contact the indywebmaster and give him your info so we can book this match.
Hell i don't know what Viper needs to be paid but i will pull it out of my bank account and pay it as well as yourself the no-name .
I am sure some fed will book it esp if i will put up the cash.
Why would i do all of this because i have been in Vipers shoes and it would show all of the pro-haters that just maybe that their words might have repercussions.
Also i would need signatures to protect all of us lawfully.
West Virgina would be a good state to do this in in my own opinion.

Posted on Sep 2, 2011, 12:09 AM

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