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"That is funny. Miller does not have the sack to say anything to someone like Mitchell. He is the Sean Evans of this area now, and where he goes PWX. Bottom line, noone is more important. Without him, the crowd goes to the 20's again. Guys like Samu, JB Destiny and Gator, Bubba The Bulldog and Vince Kaplack, etc..etc... are not there any longer to draw the crowd for him, so he needs Mitchell. Mitchell is putting b/w $600 and $1000 every show into Miller's pockets...well.. Quinn's too."

So with out Mitchell, the crowds go down to the 20's again. Thank god for him, I am so glad PWX is now in the 50's! Honest to god, the crowd size has not changed at all since Mitchell has came. Good worker, but nobody in PWX is a draw.

Posted on Sep 5, 2011, 5:47 PM

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