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This is all interesting but if you were around you would know the truth. And if your trying to push this story your there to start shit. I was there. Miller got the National TV deal not Bubba, Bubba sat back until the Miller family was in a car wreck then he moved in. Thats why the boys went, because Miller didn't have shows set up because he was laid up. If you notice TV went nowhere when Miller left.
Miller and Brehens worked on the TNA deal not the fat ass from WV who forged signatures. And as far as Hashimoto, he was cancelled by Brody and Miller had promoted him and he was told he was part of the deal.Now I was there during these times and there are very few that would have know some of the things going on, and now he's spinning his bull shit again right Nikitta. If not its Aprin himself but how cares an ass is an ass.
So all you board bashers keep spinning your bullshit. We have a new building and Miller has a few more things up his shelve. I hope Miller cuts this roosters to true workers and gets rid of those ass holes that have no repect and think there entilled to everything.I think those who burnt that PWX bridge are just sucking there dicks now and think that bashing them on this board will slow them down lol.

Posted on Sep 10, 2011, 1:16 PM

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