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Make it simple for yourself. Your a PWX and Miller Hater. So I would think you don't go to the shows. So why should we care what you think. I for one have been there from almost the beginning and without PWX there never have been wrestling started in Pittsburgh.Oh so you know Sterling was trained by PWX trainers in The PWX ring in the PWX building. So remember without a place and ring you don't need trainers. But you'll never unterstand that. And if I were Dan from FNW I would have done the same thing he did all he could to give his boys the best chance he could give. He was able focus on them. Were working other places they would not be top priority.And Miller has said that time and time again. And IWC, will that was PWX long story that doesn't need to be gone over again and again. And their have been any any more come and go since. So shoot away.

Posted on Sep 25, 2011, 2:04 PM

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