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Ricky & Robert didnt show up Sunday because that fat piece of shit Freddie never paid them for the Wayne County show the night before.....not too mention stuck them in the ring with 2 green horns that didnt know a wrist lock from a wrist watch. They flat out told Freddie that if they didnt get their money from the Wayne show then they were cancelling their appearance in Huntington. So, what does Freddie do? Shows up at the Huntington show running his mouth and trying to run R&R in the ground. Freddie has a history of doing shit like this....stiffing pay then trying to turn it around like he got stiffed. Not to mention the false advertisment.....He had Demolition Ax advertised for the show in Wayne Saturday, yet Ax didnt even know about the booking. Just like he did when he used to run Wayne 5 years ago.....he had Jim Duggan "booked" and advertised, yet again Duggan knew nothing about it. False advertise a few big names, hopefully get a decent draw, dont pay his guys, and pocket the money. THAT is what Freddie Cornell is all about.......HIMSELF!!! Always has been and always will be, nothing will change.

Posted on Oct 10, 2011, 8:32 PM

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