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Let's look at this. Scott, you live 5-6 hours from Pittsburgh. So, let's say at least $80 in gas. Then at least another $20 in tolls. I am not sure what food you'd desire, but let's stay practical and say $25 for food. Then a Super 8 is $50 on the cheap side. So, look at yourself and ask am I worth $175+ in Pittsburgh PA? Because, what that means is that you will have to draw an additional 18-20 fans for Miller just to break even on you at that price. And that's not 18-20 that would like to see you. That's 18-20 that were NOT coming to the show, until Scott Powers got booked on it. And this is no knock against you in anyway. It's the state of the indy wrestling business. And I'd think you would understand that. If you aren't a name you aren't going to draw anymore than a local worker that will require far less pay

Well i like a guy who backs up his statements and you have my respect telling it like it is.
I never figured it would be worth the promoter or my time.
I only started this thread for a discussion and you respectively answered it.
I don't know your name but who ever you are ,thank you for not flaming me.
You are a true gentleman .
BTW,my last match i was paid $75.00 only 50 miles away.
PS i would like to shake your hand some day for the respect you have shown me.

Posted on Dec 6, 2011, 8:23 PM

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