Bone up on wrestling history, guys...

by Ryan (Login fp_atl)


"Do NOT claim that a random indy guy is carrying the same belt Flair and Rhodes wore. That's just idiotic. That belt was swallowed up by WCW, then WWE. No one outside of Chance's immediate family believes otherwise. Any 'NWA' belt today is bastardized."


The current NWA National Heavyweight Championship uses the same belt design but is NOT connected to the original. Also, WCW and WWE never had the National title.

Georgia Championship Wrestling created the title in October 1980 and it was used there until the WWF bought GCW from Jack and Jerry Brisco in 1984. Championship Wrestling from Georgia (ran by Ole Anderson) took the title over soon after, with the title going to Jim Crockett Promotions after that.

The National title (held by Nikita Koloff) was unified with the NWA United States title when Koloff won it from Magnum T.A. in September 1986.

There was also a National Tag Team title created in November 1980, it was also abandoned in February 1986 and replaced by the NWA (and later WCW) United States Tag Team Championship.

Oh, and Flair never held it. Another "Nature Boy", Buddy Landel did at one point, but Dusty Rhodes stripped him of the title and put it on himself because Landel was too coked up to come to work and supposedly start a World title feud with Flair.

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