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IF Chance Prophet was a big deal, he'd be on TV.

````````this isnt even about chance in general, but these days, with limited tv for wrestling, that statement just is so false. look at all the guys and girls out there that deserve to be on tv, or be signed by a big fed that arent. the probelm isnt them, but it is simply because there are not enough big wrestling feds anymore to employ all the people that deserve it. then you have the big feds that employe the people that dont deserve it, because they have the generic same as everybody else look, that they want, that they somehow think is a good idea.

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"Some people say what I do is not wrestling. If it isn't, then what I do is better than wrestling." - Necro Butcher

Some people are like Slinkies........They serve no apparent purpose in life other than to occasionally bring joy to ones heart when they are pushed down a flight of stairs.

Posted on Dec 15, 2011, 6:28 PM

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