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I do not know how Damien Lee treats the boys or venues but I do know how he treats the marks. I bought 7 pre sale tickets to a show he was running at the morgantown armory back in 2005 ( I think) I heard the show had been canceled, I tracked down Damien confirmed the information and started trying to get back the 105.00 in tickets he owed me. he blocks numbers ( i have called from different numbers) after a year he wrote me a bad check on a account that was closed and with his different dealings in the area have heard the same horrific stories from past buisness associates. I see him in public he will dodge me or give me another bs line. So I have to agree he is human filth and cannot be trusted. So to all the boys I know, Please do not work for this asshole he will burn you.

Posted on Dec 17, 2011, 12:14 PM

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