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pondo isnt the best worker but can work a crowd,pondo is know around the world..

```````````i know this was in defense of pondo, but to clarify one thing, pondo is a great worker. hes always super over with the crowd no matter if hes a heel or face. he may not be the best wrestler, is what i think the poster was meaning to say, but truthfully how would anybody know? pondo isnt paid to go out there and do a straight up wrestling match, and if he did people would be pissed. what pondo gets paid for hes great at it. if you dont like hardcore wrestling that is your choice. but that doesnt make it any less of a wrestling style because you dont like it.

hane is a bad mafucker & a good dude. ohio hatchet is a joke anymore. larry ran a couple good shows thanks to pondo,viper,juggs,hane&others but its glory days are done

```````i think the problem ohw has is that while you want to fill your show with well known super indy guys and make it the best show possible, that if your area you run in wont get a huge draw from that then you need to make that kind of money back on dvd sales. if that isnt happening, then the only other choice is to run a show with much cheaper, more local guys on it, but then when it doenst compare to a previous show that may have been great, filled with super indy guys, then it gets rated as not as good as it once was. so pretty much hes damned either way. i have seen numerous comments about using a tax refund and stuff like that, but whats the right answer here? you need to not lose money, so you have to run the show cheaper. theres no other way to do it.

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Posted on Jan 6, 2012, 5:53 PM

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