Re: Lord Zoltan to Host PWHF Inductions Ceremony

by Carl (no login)


plent of guys have had the oppurtunity to be a job guy for vince, most have more pride than to let someone beat you in 3 moves, I dont have anything against zoltan, I enjoy watching him wrestle, but he hasnt acomplished anything, an indy legend would be wahoo mcdainels, or tommy rich, somebody who spent alot of time going to different territorys, and other countrys, and was over everywhere he went. Zoltan has wrestled in alot of places, but ask someone in new york at the HOF who he is, they will say hes some guy from pittsburg, they wont say, ohh thats zoltan, he was a sucessful wrestler around the territory days. as for whoever it was at the top, saying i was a dick, I didnt even read who posted it, because idc what you think about me

Posted on Jan 18, 2012, 6:19 PM

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