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Pwx is notoriously an "old boys club" where young talent isn't given a fair shake until well after they've proven themselves. Other than Stryder, they have not pushed any young talent. More importantly they just don't give them a chance. Just look at the young talent nearly begging to get in that is left out in the cold.

Jay Flash and Tony Johnson have done nothing but be professional, respectful kids. They got a shot in the futures cup and had a good match against each other. Ever since they've been relegated to preshow matches or not used at all. These guys showed up to shows early at Renze to set up the ring, work out and sit and LISTEN to veterans. Sounds like a reasonable reason not to use them.

System Elite are a good team. Tyler worked the futures cup too. Then was never back. Edric use to come to shows all the time to set up the ring, but stopped when it became clear he wasn't going to get used. I don't blame him either. They did everything the right way only to be ignored. Edric would just sit on the patio with trainees.

Quinn doesn't know what kind of young talent he has. He stuck Graham with Dahmer and it nearly killed his career. He puts Reign with a mouth piece even though the kid can cut a good promo. He let Jack Pollock sit on the patio for how long before using him in nothing but preshow and squash matches. The kid trained with Lance Storm, showed up for ring crew every month and his reward was a Battle Royal where "The Best Big Man in the Tri-State Area" Tony Hansen promptly busted his head open with the worlds WORST clothesline. Kid goes to the ER to get stitches because of a guy who shouldn't be in the ring because he literally can't see in there (he won't wear contacts or glasses), and he is promptly rewarded with more patio time.

If these guys were smart they'd go somewhere else, or just take the oppertunity. Quinn isn't going to give them anything. He doesn't know the talent in his own locker room. He'd rather give Gash another title shot. They need to go out there Saturday and make an impact and drag Quinn to the water and shove his head underwater and make him drink.

Posted on Feb 1, 2012, 6:48 AM

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