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Bouncer and Damer are the only trained ones? Really? SO you're saying Shawn Blaze, Aftermath, Mike Rayne, Lamont, Any of Lamont's Students (Too many to name), Kano, The Duke, Tj, Bradon X, Louis Diamante, Joey Diamante, Axel, Flea, aren't trained workers? Cause ALL Of them wrestle at RAW. This is about Chase, not about the show. This is about a hurt kid who was green, and is injured. He isn't a yarder he is a green kid, and he got hurt. If this was a guy who had been working 8 years and got hurt on a bad bump yeah you could insult him for not being trained and not learning. But Chase is a green kid who got hurt. He isn't a yarder just green. Enough people love him to be part of the show they are doing for him. Jamie Starr yeah guy is crap and thinks he is a lot better then he is. This isn't the RAW it was before with the yarders who don't get trained and injury people left and right. It has been a different raw for quite some time. Believe it or not, Talk shit or stick your head up your own ass. Chase my prayers are with him.

Posted on Feb 4, 2012, 12:06 PM

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